A Promise of Real-time data

On March 9, Supervisor Mike Barker and the Town of Perinton released a statement to the media to provide an update on Waste Management and the ongoing issues at High Acres Landfill. In the release, the town states the Waste Management's original work plan for mitigating odors at the landfill was examined by the town's consultant, and deemed inadequate.

However, on March 6, Waste Management submitted a revised work plan that has now been approved by both the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the Town of Perinton.

This revised plan contains additional steps recommended by the Town. Steps include:

  1. Further examination of geo-synthetic cover at well sites
  2. Plans to "provide the community, the Perinton Conservation Board and NYSDEC with real-time data needed to evaluate whether these measures are effectively addressing the odor problems."

This statement was picked up by local new station 13WHAM. The station has posted an article with, what FAFE believes may be, misleading statements around resolution and real-time data. 

FAFE continues to express concerns that data is not being streamed in real time to the community and, to date, has not received any information on how to access this data.