The Sniff Test: Chapter 1

Residents of Perinton’s Eastside are no stranger to the sniff test. Since November of 2017, residents of the Perinton, Macedon, and surrounding communities have reported odors up to 5 miles away from the High Acres Landfill. To date, those communities have logged over 7,300 odor complaints against the Waste Management (WM) facility. 

In November 2017, WM began conducting sniff testing of its own. The company has hired private investigation company Towpath Investigative Services to confirm and assess odor complaints in the areas surrounding High Acres. WM's consulting firm, Barton & Loguidice D.P.C., has compiled Towpath's data (up to January 31, 2018) into the Towpath Investigative Services Offsite Odor Monitoring Summary Report.

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) recently required WM to release the WM-funded 400+ page report. In the report, WM, Towpath, and Barton & Laguidice have concluded that odors are only in close proximity the landfill, they are faint, and they are getting better each month.

FAFE is concerned about the validity of this report for several reasons:

  • Conflict of interest by the third party hired-- The Macedon Police Chief also serves on the Advisory Board for Waste Management for the LDC (This committee will review the process of obtaining methane allocated by Waste Management for the purpose of developing electrical generating stations.)
  • "Sniff tests" are performed by one individual
  • Prolonged and repeated exposure could lead to "nose-blindness"
  • Wind direction is not factored into the timing or route of logs
  • Structure of logs may lead to scientifically uncontrolled data

FAFE Inc is requesting NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, the Town of Macedon, and the Town of Perinton to dennounce the Towpath Investigative Services Offsite Odor Monitoring Summary Report.