Remediation Torn to Shreds

Remediation Torn to Shreds

On April 5, Waste Management released a community update to inform residents that, on April 3, high winds resulted in damage to exposed portions of the geomembrane cover at High Acres.  In recent months, both Waste Management (WM) and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) have applauded the speedy installation of this geomembrane cover, and have promised that its implementation would result in a significant decrease in odors experienced by the community...

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Video 2/4: Understanding the Community Impact

FAFE's main focus is to ensure people understand the issues at hand. Conflicting story-lines and unpredictable media coverage has made that a difficult task (to say the least). That's why, FAFE went straight to the source - impacted residents - to get their take on the problem. 

Waste Management keeps telling us they're a good neighbor. However, residents of Perinton, Fairport, and Macedon all have a different story to share. 

Which brings us back to same the nagging question - as we head towards spring, will the odors stop for good or are we facing irreparable damage to the community?