Nose burning? WM says to take Benedryl.

Nose burning? WM says to take Benedryl.

On the morning of 4/12/18, a local resident went for a run, and encountered what he believes to be strong landfill/H2S odors at the corner of 31F and Wakeman, near the new cell tower. This resident is not a Facebook user, nor a member of the FAFE closed Facebook group.

After running the 0.25 mile back home, this resident experienced a noticeable burning in his nasal passages and throat....

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Video 3/4: Understanding the Concern for our Health

One of the biggest concerns of our members, is what this issue with High Acres could mean for the health of their families. 

While we know that the gas/rotten-egg smell coming from the landfill is hydrogen-sulfide (H2S), there's very little research on the health impact of low level H2S exposure over a long period of time.

Our community deserves to know if our health is at risk.