NYSDEC Responds to FAFE Petition


After 232 days, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has reviewed and provided a response to FAFE’s petition requesting the NYSDEC modify the permits that govern the landfill facility operated by Waste Management of NY (WMNY).

All requests proposed by FAFE have been denied. The NYSDEC conclusions are as follows:

  • All NYSDEC determinations for FAFE proposals are deemed appropriate under the circumstances as they currently exist.

  • While the request to permanently cap and close the Perinton side of the landfill has been denied, the NYSDEC has mandated that WMNY not use cells 10 and 11 for placement of waste until the current permit expires on July 8th, 2023.

  • WMNY has an ongoing obligation to minimize any significant offsite impact to its neighbors, and the NYSDEC retains all authority to take any necessary action in the future should circumstances change or further studies indicate action is warranted.

  • The NYSDEC Hotline will remain active, and the Citizen Odor Log Form will remain available as a means to report odors.

  • The NYSDEC will continue to accept complaints via the FAFE app, and has requested several modifications to how complaints are forwarded to the NYSDEC.

At the time this response was received, 47 complaints were recorded within 48 hours via the FAFE app. Residents have connected the recent uptick in odors with high winds and a short power outage in the area surrounding the landfill on 3/10/2019. FAFE has reached out to both the Town of Perinton and the NYSDEC for more information on this odor event.