3/20/2018 FAFE Statement to the Media


In response to Waste Management’s Information Fair on March 20th, 2018:

As of 2:30pm, local residents have logged 93 odor complaints via the FAFE mobile app, bringing the total number of complaints to over 7,500 since November 2017. It continues to be FAFE’s firm belief that the following requests need to be fulfilled in order to restore the Eastside’s right to fresh air:

  1. NYC trash trains and Albany refuse, which account for over 80% of High Acre’s daily intake, should be stopped immediately.
  2. High Acre’s daily intake threshold should be lowered to 1,500 tons per day, down from 3,500.
  3. The Perinton side of the landfill should be capped and closed permanently.

Yesterday, Waste Management (WM) responded to notices that were sent to federal and state agencies about the various permit violations that have occurred. In their response, WM erroneously claimed that they have not violated their permit. And, despite admitting on January 16th to having caused a public nuisance, and three additional months of odors, WM now denies they have caused a public nuisance. 

“If what might be going on a full year of noxious odors is not a public nuisance, I do not know what is.” said Gary McNeil, Director of Fresh Air for the Eastside. 

For more information please visit FreshAirForTheEastside.com or contact us at ­­FreshAirForTheEastside@gmail.com.