9/19/2018 FAFE Statement to the Media


In response to the Town of Perinton’s statement today regarding Waste Management’s commitment to the community, Gary McNeil, President of FAFE, Inc. stated;

“Waste Management stated earlier this year that they had a blank check to resolve issues that were caused by negligent business decisions. They continue to protect their revenue stream coming from NYC while diverting attention from the root problem, which is too much garbage being shipped in from NYC and Albany regions. After a year of no resolution, FAFE believes remediation items listed in today’s Town of Perinton press release are insufficient. FAFE’s proposed solution includes permanent closure of the Perinton landfill and drastic reduction of daily intake from NYC trash trains.”

FAFE’s remediation recommendations are further outlined in a petition given to the NYSDEC in July of this year as well as their current litigation against Waste Management of New York. FAFE continues to wait for the Town of Perinton to voice their support for the petition.

Fresh Air for the Eastside, Inc (FAFE, Inc.) is a grassroots community group that was born out of concern for the quality of life and the health of residents in areas impacted by High Acres Landfill.  With the help from their members FAFE, Inc. has logged over 9,400 complaints against the Waste Management owned facility since November 4th, 2017.

Media Contact: Kaitlyn Foley, 585-905-8327