Perinton Town Board Meeting with NYSDEC - 3/28/2018

This Wednesday, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) Regional Director Paul D'Amato appeared before Perinton's Town Board meeting to field questions from the Town Board and the public. 

Paul D'Amato, NYSDEC Regional Director - Presenting at the PTB Meeting on 03/28/2018

Paul D'Amato, NYSDEC Regional Director - Presenting at the PTB Meeting on 03/28/2018

On behalf of the NYSDEC, Mr. D'Amato provided a brief update on the department's recent oversight activity, and on the progress of ongoing remediation efforts at High Acres Landfill. The salient points provided by Mr. D'Amato during the meeting can be found in the latest NYSDEC High Acres Landfill Odor Abatement Update.

Mr. D'Amato also commented on the recent release of the Perinton Conservation Board-recommended (and WM-funded) H2S Surface Emission Monitoring Data. Week 1 data from monitors at Northside/Dudley Schools, and the High Acres Landfill perimeter sensors has been posted on the Town of Perinton website.  Mr. D'Amato promised the community a more regular weekly update cadence in the future—but, failed to mention any method of distribution for residents in Macedon and surrounding neighborhoods.

Mr. D’Amato then opened the floor to questions from the board and the public. While minutes for the meeting have not yet been released, a rough transcription of questions and the responses from Mr. D'Amato was recorded by FAFE admins. FAFE plans to reach out to Mr. D'Amato with additional follow-up questions that were not answered at the meeting.

For more information, FAFE notes on the meeting can be found here.

You can watch the meeting with DEC below or on our Youtube Page.  

Perinton, NY public Town Board Meeting - Paul D'Amato, NYS DEC Regional Director discusses status of Waste Management High Acres Landfill. Q & A with Gary McNeil.