2/5/2018 FAFE, Inc. Statement to the Media


NYS Department of Enviornmental Conservation (DEC) has stated that they will implement the ten recommendations from the Perinton Conservation Board against Waste Management. Since March of 2017, noxious odors from the High Acres Landfill located on the Monroe/Wayne county line has disrupted the quality of life of residents, school children and businesses in Perinton and the surrounding areas.

“Our community will not rest until the odors are gone for an extended period of time and do not reoccur. We are cautiously optimistic that DEC is now comprehending the seriousness of the situation by adopting the Perinton Conservation Board recommendations, and are eager to continue working with DEC to come to a permanent solution.” – Gary McNeil, Director of Fresh Air for the Eastside, Inc.


Fresh Air for the Eastside, Inc. is a grassroots community group that was born out of concern for the quality of life and the health of residents in the impacted areas. They currently represent over 3,000 residents in the Perinton, Penfield, Macedon and Walworth areas. With the help from their members FAFE, Inc. has logged over 4,000 odor complaints against the Waste Management High Acres Landfill between November 4th, 2017 and February 5th, 2018.


For more information please visit FreshAirForTheEastside.com or contact us at FreshAirForTheEastside@gmail.com