12/19/2018 FAFE Statement to the Media


FAFE, Inc. Adds NYC to Lawsuit Against Waste Management of New York

Fresh Air for the Eastside, Inc. and more than 200 individual residents of Fairport, Macedon and the surrounding areas, through their attorneys Knauf Shaw LLP, have added New York City to their formal complaint with the United States District Court Western District of New York against Waste Management of New York LLC.


The complaint sites persistent, noxious and offensive odors of garbage and landfill gas impacting High Acres’ surrounding communities. These odors are derived from the negligent, intentional, wrongful and/or illegal non-discretionary acts and/or omissions on the part of WMNY to adequately install, maintain and operate the landfill gas collection system. Research also points to the railcars full of odorous New York City garbage being shipped to the area daily playing a large role in the noxious odors.


“Earlier today, we received a letter from NYSDEC indicating that waste more than 21 days old, sat in train cars 21 days, before heading to High Acres. The letter suggests that transport of NYC’s garbage by train is causing a continuing nuisance to the Perinton/Macedon community.  Waste this old is putrid and should not be disposed of at a landfill this close to a heavily populated residential area.  WM’s permit needs to be amended to prevent NYC’s waste from being shipped to this facility.” – Linda Shaw, Esq. Knauf Shaw LLP


FAFE’s remediation recommendations are further outlined in a petition given to the NYSDEC in July of this. FAFE continues to wait for the Town of Perinton to voice their support for the petition.


Fresh Air for the Eastside, Inc (FAFE, Inc.) is a grassroots community group that was born out of concern for the quality of life and the health of residents in areas impacted by High Acres Landfill.  With the help from their members FAFE, Inc. has logged over 10,000 complaints against the Waste Management owned facility since November 4th, 2017.

Media Contact:
Kaitlyn Foley, 585-905-8327