Conservation Board Meeting Video and Next Steps

This past Tuesday, 279 Fairport residents came together to tell Waste Management and the Town of Perinton; 'Enough is Enough'. 

We were able to livestream the video for our Facebook group where over 130 residents were able to join us digitally.  The video is linked below and also available on our Youtube page.

So what is next?

Unfortunately, our work is not done. The Conservation Board now needs to make recommendations to the town about their relationship with Waste Management.

It is absolutely imperative that we keep pressure on the town and our state officials. They must know that this problem is not going to go away - even if Waste Management claims there will be a notable difference by February 1st. 

Here are FAFE's next steps;

  1. Reach out to your state officials. After roll call, it was a clear that the State was lacking in representation. Should you reach out to anyone, please email with details from your conversation. 
  2. Attend the next Town Board meeting on January 24th at 7:30pm. This is when the Conservation Board makes recommendations to the town on next steps. We need to be there to make sure we have been heard.