Didn't you know about the landfill when you moved to Perinton?

Residents have lived in Perinton New York for over 30 years without issue from High Acres. Until recent months, very limited information was available to residents about the level of odors or any potential health impacts. Given the proximity, residents expected to smell the landfill 4-5 times a year. Starting in March of 2017, those odors increased to 4-5 times a month, and now in January of 2018, it is up to 4-5 times a week. 


Yeah but, I don't live right next to High Acres. Why should I care?

The odors from High Acres landfill have stretched as far as 6 miles away. This impacts all surrounding towns such as Macedon, Gananda, Walworth and Penfield. There are case studies available that show a problematic landfill can produce odors that are as far reaching as 20 miles away. Should this  happen to High Acres, the entire east side of Rochester would be at risk. 


Who should file a complaint?

You… your family… your friends… anyone who smells landfill odors can and should file a complaint when you smell odors! All impacted members of the community have a right to express concerns in the form of a complaint to Waste Management and elected officials when they have been impacted.


Where should I file a complaint from?

Not just at home… anywhere you experience the odor. Our app quickly captures real-time data to show where you are when you encounter odors. We only ask that you pull your vehicle over to report if you catch a whiff while driving.


Why should I file a complaint?

Waste Management, town officials, and NYSDEC are responsible for tracking and monitoring odor complaints for the High Acres Landfill facility. Our app sends all the information requested by these parties to the people who will enact change. Filing a complaint in this way helps FAFE to prove ongoing issues, and holds local representatives and Waste Management accountable for the issue at High Acres.


Shouldn’t I call the Odor Complaint Hotline instead of using the FAFE app?

All impacted community members should voice their concerns in the method that feels comfortable and appropriate. However, FAFE requests that the community continue to file complaints using the community-developed FAFE app, preferably with email. This guarantees a paper trail for complaints, allows FAFE to collect valuable complaint data, and communicates the issue to all responsible officials. FAFE and our volunteer app developer continue to work on app updates to provide the most accurate report data and meet the needs of all parties involved with this issue.

It is believed that the WM/NYSDEC Odor Complaint Hotline is now completely funded and run by WM. Should you choose to call the hotline, we strongly urge you to also file a complaint with the FAFE app or via email.

Click here for a list of all reporting options and FAFE recommendations.


I couldn't immediately file a complaint during an odor event. What do I do?

Absolutely. We've set up a webpage that allows you to file odor complaints up to 24 hours after smelling odors. Check option #2 on the File a Complaint page.


Do I need to send an email every time I report from the App?

Yes. Sending an email is the only way to ensure both Waste Management and FAFE have a record of your complaint. For more information on submitting odor complaints, please see  File a Complaint.


Where can I get more information regarding contracts or documents?

Please check out Research page. You will find links to important documents such as WM Permits and research into the potential health impacts of living near a landfill. 


What does Waste Management use to cover up the smell?

The company tells us it is similar to essential oils. A member of FAFE has looked further into this and has found the documentation here and here.