Fresh Air for the Eastside, Inc.'s one and only goal is to restore the right to clean, fresh air, to the entire eastside of Rochester New York. 


  1. Permanent cap and closure of the Perinton side of the landfill

  2. Reduced intake from 3,500 tons per day to 1,750 tons per day to eliminate NYC intake

  3. Reduced height for the Macedon expansion, to keep the elevation consistent with the Perinton cells of the landfill


  • March 2017: A noticeable increase in odors throughout the Perinton/Penfield/Macedon areas.

  • September 2017: A Nextdoor post kicks-off the foundation for FAFE.

  • October 2017: The Fresh Air for the Eastside Facebook group is created, gaining hundreds of members in several days.

  • November 2017: The first formal FAFE group meeting is held, and we gain Media attention as the groups hits 1,000 members.

  • December 2017: The official FAFE App is launched for both iPhone and Android users.

  • January 2018: FAFE, Inc. formally incorporates. After a huge showing from FAFE members, Perinton Town Board adopts Perinton Conservation Board recommendations. Membership grows to 2,000.

  • February 2018: DEC files NOV against WM. FAFE Facebook group reaches 3,000+ members and 6,000+ odor complaints.

  • March 2018: Town of Perinton issues statement giving WM until April 30th to complete remediation. FAFE reaches 7,500 odor complaints.

  • July 2018: FAFE Facebook group reaches over 3,200+ members and 9,400+ odor complaints.

  • August 2018: FAFE and 200+ sue Waste Management over landfill odor, noise

  • December 2018: Law suit amendment to add New York City as a defendant

  • August 2019: FAFE’s first court date - WM and New York City looking to get the case dismissed. Awaiting decision.





In the fall of 2017, FAFE arose from the need to address key community concerns regarding High Acres:

  • WM denial of an ongoing odor nuisance issue - Limited responses from WM leadership which denied, downplayed, and created excuses for odor complaints

  • Lack of accurate, easily accessible, and digestible information around the issue - Town Resources, WM-provided materials, and on-site visits did not provide adequate or consistent facts on the history and current operations at High Acres

  • Lack of verification that complaints were received, logged, and actioned – WM’s 24-hour complaint line left residents with no visibility to how a complaint was followed up on, and to who the complaint was provided visibility

Who is


As of December, 2018, there are 3,300+ concerned residents throughout the Perinton, Macedon, Penfield, Walworth, Gananda and Victor areas of upstate New York have joined our Facebook group. 

Disclaimer: The directors of FAFE, Inc. do not have any political aspirations or agendas. There is no monetary value that will settle this issue. The one goal of FAFE, Inc. is, and will continue to be, to restore and preserve our community's right to fresh air. 

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